Eyebrow and eyelashes transplant

Eyebrow and eyelashes transplant

Eyebrows play a significant role in our face and we cannot deny that they have an impact on our look and expressions.

Nowadays the trend is to have large and thick eyebrows, this is why many patients with thinning eyebrow wish to change or create a new shape.

Why do our eyebrow hairs stop growing?

Changes in eyebrow have several explanations. Those changes may be age-related factors, but it can also be linked with extreme eyebrow waxing in the past. Eyebrow transplant is also indicated to cover a scar or to cover a previous unsuccessful tattoo. Besides, the thinning of the eyebrow might exist because of hormonal disorders, because of a thyroid disorder or because of a genetic trend.

micro hair transplant is necessary to achieve the brow reconstruction.

The harvesting is done on the posterior part of the scalp using two approaches:

  • With the FUT procedure; we take a little strip of the scalp and then we directly dissect the grafts from it. This procedure leaves a tiny scar which can easily be covered by hair.
  • With the FUE procedure; we harvest the grafts on the scalp with a very little punch (whose diameter is inferior to 1 mm). This procedure does not leave scars and it is painless.

The selection of the hair we have to harvest is very important in order to choose only hair with the same texture, the same orientation and curve than the initial eyebrows hair. For this, a harvesting with a proper length of hair is necessary. A long hair FUE was until recently only possible with the FUT procedure. Now an expert team can perform a long hair FUE with the FUE procedure.

The insertion of the hair into the eyebrow is a key element because the hair orientation changes between the origin of the brow, the peak of the arch and the lateral part. The design of the future brow has to be meticulously decided between the patient and the surgeon. The operation is under local anaesthesia and lasts around 2 or 3 hours. You can expect to see light ecchymosis and some swelling the first days after your surgery. You will also see little scabs on your scalp and brows which will fall off within a few days.

It is important to underline that the transplanted hair will also fall off a few days after the operation, and they will grow on the second month preceding the operation.

You will have to trim on a regular basis your new eyebrows.

Now about the eyelashes transplant

The harvesting long hair FUE procedure is more delicate that the FUT harvesting but it only takes 1 hour because the number of grafts is inferior. The insertion method into the eyelid is very peculiar

The harvested grafts are divided in follicular units of 1 and 2 hairs, and all surrounding tissues are taken out in order to create very thin lashes. Then they are inserted into the eyelids with a surgical needle. The growth is fast and the we can observe the first results within a few days.

Like the eyebrow transplant, the days after the operation are characterized by swelling and little ecchymosis. There is no special care after the operation except for the application of an ophthalmological cream.

Eyebrow and eyelashes transplant