Hair grafts placement

Hair grafts placement

Like previously announced, the hair grafts placement can be processed in several ways:

  • Manual harvesting,
  • Motorized harvesting,
  • Robotic harvesting.

Placing grafts is a step as important as the harvesting itself because we have to be very careful in order to avoid grafts lesions, and also, we have to judiciously place the grafts in order to reach a good density and to avoid an “unkempt hair effect“.


The most delicate part of the graft is located just above the bulb, there is no keratin there. Besides, the most commonly used technique lies in making slots with a surgical micro blade, and then inserting the grafts with the help of microsurgery forceps holding the grafts by this delicate part. We have stopped using it to start using dull punches like the KEEP implanter or the WAW implanter that allows once the punch inserted into the slot to slide the graft smoothly.

We also work with the Choi and the Lion punches that are real sharp implanters and allow in the same time to cut the skin and to insert the grafts.

This procedure gives us really good results but it requires a great skill to pack grafts in tightly and create a natural density look.

Nevertheless, we frequently notice in beginner teams a phenomenon called “popping”, it is when trying to insert a graft, the surrounding transplanted grafts pop out, hence the term.

Furthermore, we often notice the bleeding of the receiving area when the follicular unit is placed too deep into the scalp.

Hair transplant with a sharp punch remains a good procedure because it helps placing the grafts in the right direction, which is really important specially in the case of delicate areas as the frontotemporal junction and the beard. The Keep and the Choi implanters are very interesting tools because they don’t imply to seize the graft by its most delicate part but by the strongest part located near the skin.

Here you can have a look at the Keep and the Lion implanters (pictures 1 & 2) followed by the dull implanters:

Hair grafts placement