Long hair FUE/ unshaven FUE

Long hair FUE and unshaven FUE

For many years we can perform a hair transplant with long hairs using the FUT procedure also known as strip procedure. Nowadays, it is possible to perform a long hair transplant with the FUE procedure.

For a long hair FUE we harvest with a manual punch or with a motorized punch; we cannot perform a long hair FUE or an unshaven FUE procedure with the robotic procedure.

Many time patients do not know the difference between a long hair procedure and an unshaven procedure.

About the long hair procedure:

The harvested graft keeps the length of the hair, we harvest with a specific punch which allows us to insert the hair inside the punch and then we can cut around the follicle unit. It is strongly implied that just a very professional team can perform a long hair FUE because the harvesting required a perfect control of the FUE technique. Harvesting long hair is harder than harvesting shaven hair. The analyze of the follicle unitorientation is much more delicate.

In our centre, we offer this technique more and more because it is all about the future of hair transplant and the harvesting area is invisible.

This procedure is very interesting for several reasons. First of all, it is synonym of discretion, because there is no hint of the operation on the donor area and on the receiving area. The operation is undectable. You can also have a good idea of what will be the final hair transplant result from day one. However, the transplanted hair, long or short, will fall off around day 15, and you will notice the first new hair growth from the second month.

Patients will have to be really careful the first days after the operation during the postoperative care and while combing their hair.

The fact that we don’t need to shave the donor area represents a great advantage, it helps to reduce the psychological stress linked to the hair transplant, linked to the operation and it is more easily accepted by women.

About the unshaven procedure:

This procedure offers similar advantages that is, no shaving of the donor area or of the scalp.

Example of the unshaven FUE procedure

This procedure offers a similar advantage that is, no shaving of the donor area or of the scalp.

As a matter of fact, one of the main difficulties of the classic FUE procedure is the immediate visibility of the donor area the days following the intervention. For many patients, women or people who cannot interrupt their professional activity shaving the donor area is not an option.

In the frame of an unshaven FUE procedure, we start harvesting after having isolated little strips of hair of 1 or 2 cm width, then we cut those hair with extra slim scissors and then we can easily harvest. The unshaven procedure is easier than the long hair procedure, but it still remains more complicated than a classic FUE procedure.

About the patchy shaven procedure:

We can shave a narrow area between 1 and 3 cm of width and we normally harvest. The surrounding hair will cover the shaven spots at the end of the operation. This procedure is really fast and also less expensive than a long hair FUE procedure.



Long hair FUE/ unshaven FUE