Photobiomodulation therapy

Photobiomodulation therapy also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

According to latest research, the efficiency of the light in hair loss treatment has recently been acknowledged.

Light from LED or light from laser diodes, it’s all about a specific light with a wavelength of 650-nm that penetrates within tissues and stimulates the microcirculation, the cell metabolism and the protein synthesis.

Several devices are currently available on the market. It is difficult to precisely assess the effectiveness, the outcome and impact of this new treatment. Besides it is essential that our patients keep in mind that once the treatment has begun, it must be finished and when we talk about LLLT treatment, we talk about a long-term treatment.

Capillus 272

Those are tiny helmets with integrated light-emitting diodes (1360mW). With Capillus, patients can benefit from low laser therapy without ever leaving their house. The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes a day: position the helmet on your head and wait 6 minutes. Tested and approved by the FDA in January 2015, this technology generates after a few weeks a real hair growth (you can notice a 51% increase in terminal hair) and a significant reduction of your hair loss.

Capillus 82 and 202

Here we are talking about the same devices but those helmets contain less laser diodes, 82 and 202, respectively. Their price also differs; 799$ for the Capillus 82, 2000$ for the capillus 202 and finally 3000$ for the Capillus 272 pro. We strongly recommend all our patients to choose helmets fitted with more laser diodes.

Theradome LH 80 pro

Approved by the FDA for treating androgenic alopecia in women, we are awaiting the device approval for men. This helmet covers your whole scalp and it is recommended to use twice a week. You will observe a substantial reduction of your hair loss between the first and the fourth month. Then after the seventh month you will notice your hair growing thicker. This therapy is indicated for patients experiencing moderate or recent hair loss.

For all those devices:

  • The hair growth is faster in women. Hair growth for men can be accelerated combining laser diodes therapy with other treatments as Minoxidil, Finasteride or Dutasteride
  • We would like to underline that all the benefits of the laser diodes therapy disappear after cessation of it.

Other devices are available such as:

Laser cap pro fitted with 224 laser diodes

Hair max laser band or laser comb

Revage laser system

Systeme LED Triwings

Photobiomodulation therapy