PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) for your hair loss

How does it work for treating hair loss?

This new treatment suggests to use your whole blood. The blood samples are then centrifuged in order to remove the red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma.

The concentration of the PRP ranges between 1,5 and 5 times the blood concentration.

When activated (when in contact with tissues or by calcium injunction), platelets free numerous granules containing:

  • PDGF or Platelet Derived Growth Factor;
  • TGF or Transforming Growth Factor;
  • VEGF or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor;
  • Proteins involved in scar formation and tissue healing process.

Those freed molecules generate the proliferation and the cellular differentiation and the angiogenesis which engender the hair follicle growthas well as the apparition of new hair follicles.

This treatment is painless and it does not have any undesirable side effects.

The therapeutic benefits create a decrease of follicle miniaturization and further hair loss is prevented within 3 months. From the 6th month following the treatment we can notice the hair growth. We analyze thoroughly your hair density (the number of strands on your head) before the treatment and the results after several months of PRP treatment. The measure of the width of hair before and after the treatment determines the success of the therapy.

Several criteria have to be analyzed:

  • Quantity of PRP injected, we inject 0,1 ml each cm;
  • The platelet concentration in plasma (the platelet concentration can be really different regarding the harvesting kits);
  • The depth of injection, the depth is of 4 or 5 mm close to the follicle bulbs. It can be more superficial, 3 mm, close to the stem cell reservoir. This is why using the mesotherapy gun is very interesting, because we can precisely calculate the PRP injection depth;
  • The frequency of PRP injections; it seems that the platelet activation generates biological phenomena that last some months (inflammatory action, healing, anti-inflammatory action, regeneration).

It seems logical to us to give injections every 2 months, but in most of the specialized hair transplant centers, the best results have been reached after giving a monthly PRP injection, followed by an injection in the 6th month if the density measures present an improvement.

This treatment has been successful in many cases, but we have to keep in mind that the benefits may vary between patients.

Recent studies have confirmed that the PRP treatment helps the donor area’s regeneration after a hair transplant.

Reference : “The effect of autologus platelet rich plasma injection on pattern hair loss: clinical and histomorphometric evaluation, Cervelli, S. Garcovich, A. Bielli, G. Cervelli, et all Biomed research international volume 2014.”