Robotic FUE : ARTAS procedure

FUE robotisée : ARTAS iX

After 5 years of evolution the new ARTAS robot, the robot iX, is available. This is not an upgrade of the previous versions (4X to 9X) but a totally new robot, more powerful.

ARTAS iX Intelligence

Impact On Hair Restoration/Implantation

  • Optimizes Harvest Selections, Site/Implant Locations
  • Recognizes And Learns New Patterns To Improve
  • Intraoperatively Remembers Info, Builds New Map Of Required Parameters Based On Location On Scalp
  • Ability To Adjust On The Fly





ARTAS iX Features



  • Harvesting, Simultaneous Recipient Site Making & Implantation
  • New Stereoscopic Vision System With 3 Cameras
  • New Clinical Workflow Reduces Tech Fatigue & Procedure Length
  • 7 Axis Robotic Arm
  • ½ Foot Print
  • Built In Powered Lift Mechanism
  • Silent Mechanism




We are the first center in Europe equipped with the ARTAS iX.

The analysis of the first interventions suggests very good results because the quality of the grafts is significantly improved.

This robot also makes it possible to implant the grafts by avoiding the existing hair (so no fall of these).

The price of it has also decreased a little, which will allow more patients to benefit from it.

Smaller, quieter, faster, more maneuverable with an arm with 7 joints allowing great freedom of spatial orientation, this robot is a major asset in a center of hair transplantation.

Until now, in some situations motorized harvesting with hybrid punches allowed experienced operators to harvest better grafts than the robot (previous versions)

Nowadays this is no longer the case, the robotic sampling allows to take grafts of high quality, especially since it is constantly improving; the robot iX now implements the grafts, avoiding the healthy hair on the skull. The comfort of the patient have improved allowing to have bigger cases.


How does the ARTAS System iX Vision Improve Hair Restoration? 

  • Proper visualisation of position and orientation of each hair is critical to procedure
  • Monitors the position and orientation of all hairs in th FOV 60 times/sec
  • Repeatably recognizes and identifies key features, and adjusts for patient movement
  • Superior vision that does not fatigue = increased accuracy of harvests, natural looking implants





ARTAS “Hair Studio” Application


  • Interactive 3D tool transforms patient’s consultation
  • Designs 3D simulated hair transplant using actual patient photographs
  • Helps manage patients’ expectations




Manual Vs. ARTAS iX Implantation Grafts Handling


Implantation ARTAS iX

The establishment of marks that delimit the area of implantation and / or realization of the incisions that receive the grafts.

Robotic FUE : ARTAS procedure