Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

SMP or Scalp micropigmentation is a new medical treatment, a real alternative for your hair loss. The principle lies in introducing a special medical ink, a specific pigment into your dermis.

This pigment meets all the medical safety standards: each drop of this ink is encapsulated in sterile condition. The SMP treatment represents a controlled medical therapy in contrast to inks used by tattoo artists.

This encapsulation isolates the components of ink from the human body which reduces considerably the risk of allergic reactions.

On the other part, the size of the ink drop is 20µ, that means it can be absorbed by the macrophages, cells in charge of cleaning the organism. The macrophages’ action explains the reversibility of the cutaneous coloration in less than 3 years because the pigment is progressively eliminated. The ink used by tattoo artists measures 30µ which is impossible to eliminate by the body.

The depth of the introduction into the dermis is equally different, superficial at 0,5 with a SMP treatment and 2 mm deep when being tattooed.

Finally, the system (motor and needle) has been specifically designed for the scalp and the beard in order to leave the right quantity of pigment and adaptable to all scalp characteristics.

This treatment can be an excellent solution in several situations. Beneath you find the necessary criteria to benefit from a SMP treatment:

  • Alopecia areata;
  • Progressive alopecia with hair follicle miniaturization,
  • Complete baldness;
  • In addition to a previous hair transplant;
  • To cover a scar.

What are the advantages of a SMP treatment?

  • It provides a shaven effect on bald spots,
  • It ensures a densification of your hair,
  • It can cover a FUT scar or the moth-eaten appearance of a previous FUE procedure.

The NHT team has attended seminars, international workshops and a specific training session in Italy in order to offer you the most suitable treatment.

Scalp micropigmentation