Stem cell therapy


Mesotherapy is an alternative medical treatment that helps to treat hair loss linked with androgenic alopecia. It induces the tissue regeneration by harnessing patient’s own biological materials. The principle is to harvest stem cells from the patient’s body.

Stem cells have a differentiation capability.

Stel cells reservoirs are located at the root of the hair, all along the hair sheath under the skin. When the hair starts its last stage, stem cells are activated and create a new hair bulb. This process is known as morphogenesis. We wish to underline that the hair is the only element of the human body to possess the capacity to regenerate completely.

During androgenic alopecia, this process slows down, stem cells remain inactive and we can observe the hair follicle atrophies.

Avaneo is an institute which provides Rigenera, an efficient method based on stem cell research that facilitates replacement or repair of damaged and defective tissue.

This treatment is well suited for patients who suffer from a recent hair loss. It is possible to obtain results from the very first session.

Stem cell therapy