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The centre N.H.T Natural Hair Transplant

Natural Hair Transplant (NHT) is exclusively dedicated to hair restoration surgery and other treatments to stop the evolution of your alopecia. Its main action focuses on hair transplantbeard and eyebrows reconstruction.

Our team is composed by a plastic surgeon, member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), and by full time nurses and skilled assistants. Nurses and assistants are always in search of new trainings and advanced medical technology. Therefore, they frequently attend international congresses, workshops and academic conferences.

Some details about our technical capacity:

It is built around a high performing surgical team composed of ten people and of an administrative team composed of three bilingual assistants.

We have first-class surgical equipment: microscopes; surgical magnifying glasses; micro motors; manual and motorized extraction devices; implanters, and the ARTAS robot.

Absolutely all extracted grafts are analysed and verified with MEIJI microscopes.

NHT has been the first European institute in acquiring the ARTAS robot in march 2014.

The robot ARTAS has met great success in the beginning, nonetheless with the benefits of the hindsight, it did not fulfil its promise. Just patients with dark, thick hair and with a firm scalp can choose the ARTAS option. But the robot cannot treat with success patients with soft scalp, with white or fair hair or patients with thin hair. However, this technology is in constant evolution, and a huge change in the robotic FUE procedure is announced for 2019. Indeed, the robot might remove and insert the grafts.

Whatever the techniques we choose, the presence of several nurses and assistants is fundamental; the hair transplantation is a real work team, everyone has an important role to play. In order to guarantee an excellent hair transplant process, some assistants harvest while other extract the grafts. Then one or two technicians analyse and verify each graft with a microscope, and they count the number of hairs per graft. They control the absence of lesion on the graft. Every step of the process is important.


The center