Your stay

Your stay

First step, the consultation with the surgeon

It is an essential step of the treatment. Indeed, this is the time when we draw a personal strategy regarding the stage of your alopecia, your age and your desire.

After fill out a form that helps to identify the potential medical contraindications, the doctor and their team explain to you the physiology of the hair and the different stages of the procedure. Secondly, we proceed to a medical examination and we analyze several criteria:

  • The condition of the scalp, if there are scars, previous hair transplant, inflammatory lesions, softness of the scalp;
  • The donor area capacity;
  • The surface of the scalp to cover;
  • The analyze of the density of your hair;
  • The analyze of the thickness and characteristics of your hair;
  • A trichoscopical exam.

This consultation lasts 1 hour and costs 70€. For foreign patients or patients living abroad, a skype meeting can be organized and the patient will always meet the doctor the day before the operation if prior agreement.

Regarding your stay

Numerous patients have trusted us and have chosen our centre for a hair transplant. Our team can also help you to organize your trip and book your flight or hotel.

For patients that do not speak French, a translator will assist him/her during the consultations and during the operation.

Equally, Natural Hair Transplant team can organize sightseeing tours for the patients and those accompanying them. Our region is best known for its sunny Mediterranean climate and its colorful landscapes which inspired many famous painters as Cézanne, Van Gogh, Picasso or Courbet.


Your stay